10 Reasons to Avoid Social Media

Social media may be a blessing or a curse, depending on who you ask. It has undoubtedly enabled us to interact with one another in ways we never imagined imaginable, but, strangely, it has also made us far more antisocial. Many platforms have come and gone throughout the years, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn making up the current cool kids club. You may follow celebrities, learn new recipes, and even find a job using these platforms, but despite their many benefits, there are many reasons not to use them at all.


It’s an Expectation

It’s become an expectation that you have a presence on the major social media networks these days. Even from a professional standpoint, many companies want their employees to be familiar with and use social media sites as part of their work. But shouldn’t it be a matter of personal preference? Quit if you’re sick of social media or if it’s not for you. You shouldn’t have to justify yourself or feel obligated to follow cultural rules.

It Encourages Superficial Relationships

Although you may have 746 Facebook friends, how many of them do you have real ties with? Because we have access to the photographs and life situations that individuals share on their social media pages, we can feel as if we know them better than we really do. However, what’s published on social media is typically a rosy view of people’s lives, and it doesn’t always represent marital or professional difficulties. Why not give up social media and focus on building genuine friendships with a select few people, either over the phone or in-person?

It Can Damage Your Reputation

Checking potential employees’ social media profiles is a standard element of the hiring process for many businesses. So, if you’re the sort that feels driven to share photos from the wild house party you went to over the weekend, you should just stop while you’re ahead on social media. Furthermore, as tempting as it may be, social media is not the place to air your dirty linen or express rash ideas. Anything you put on the internet remains there indefinitely, even if you delete it.

It Makes You More Negative

For many people, social media serves as an outlet for their anxieties, frustrations, and heartbreaks, as well as a place to share their ideas and opinions about global disasters. And, while it may make them feel better, it does not make others who are reading it feel any better. Even the happiest person on the planet would find it difficult not to absorb some of the negativity if they read comments like this on a regular basis. Shutting down your social media accounts will help you get out of this tangled web and refocus your time and attention on your own emotions.

It Doesn’t Often Teach You Anything Valuable

Are we genuinely learning anything useful from the amount of time we spend on social media each day? And I’m not referring to the fact that your cousin’s baby has started eating veggies. I’m talking about items that enlighten or inform you about something new, help you make vital life decisions, or help you grow and develop personally. We don’t see this kind of stuff on social media very often, and it’s hardly the kind of intense human drama that has us pushing “refresh feed” all the time. Why not give up social media and devote that time to getting a good education?

Privacy Issues

It’s easy to forget that the firms that manage social media networks are in it to earn money because they’re all about us, the users. Every piece of information you publish, ‘like,’ or include in your profile becomes valuable data for the company, which it sells to advertisers and other third parties. This alone should be enough to convince you to give up social media.

It’s Addictive and Unhealthy

Addictions of any kind are harmful to one’s health, and excessive social media use is no exception. We’ve progressed well beyond taking it in moderation, to the point that addiction treatment institutions have developed programs for those who are suffering. The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS) was developed by researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway, and it asks users about their Facebook usage patterns and feelings. Preventing or breaking this type of addiction are excellent reasons to give up social media.

It’s Not the Same as Being Offline

We’ve become so engrossed in documenting all of life’s most memorable events to share on social media that we’ve lost how to live in the now. I enjoy going to concerts and seeing people attempt to record the band performing their favorite song. They’re too preoccupied with capturing a decent shot and keeping their phone steady to enjoy themselves by singing and dancing along. Nothing ruins a romantic meal like pulling out your phone to take the perfect picture of your food. By avoiding social media, you’ll be able to capture these events solely through recollection, and those rose-colored memories will be far more appealing than your hazy photo years later.

It Lowers Your Self-Esteem

This has happened to all of us. You feel a pang of jealously when you see a Facebook post about your friend’s recent vacation to Thailand and worry if you’ll ever travel the world. Alternatively, someone may have purchased a lovely property, and you begin to feel self-conscious about the area between the four walls that you call home. Not to mention engagements, births, weddings, automobiles, and jobs. It’s tough to be envious of someone’s new sports vehicle when you don’t know they have one, but abandoning social media may help lessen the urge to continuously compare ourselves to others; it’s difficult to be envious of someone’s new sports car when you don’t know they have one.

It’s an Enormous Waste of Time

Although it may not appear so because you just visit the sites for a few minutes at a time, I’m sure you’d be astonished at how much time you spend on social media if you added it all up. The average person spends 1.72 hours per day on social media sites, according to. Given how much we grumble about not having enough time in the day, giving up social media could be a fantastic way to free up some time. Consider what you could accomplish with an extra two hours. Perhaps a workout or a home-cooked meal? The options are limitless.

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