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70 Ph.D. Positions at the University of Insubria, Italy


70 Ph.D. Positions at the University of Insubria, Italy are going to be offered for competent students. There is no application fee. There is no requirement for IELTS/GRE and you don’t need to contact the professor as well.

Why The University of Insubria?

As we’re a diverse and energetic institution with all of the components for your future success: high-quality education and facilities, an international perspective, high-level research, and societal and industrial involvement. You aren’t a number, after all. We value your dreams because they are essential to you. We aim to assist you in creating your future and telling your story. Below are our values:

Freedom: We are a laic and secular university that is unconstrained by ideological, political, or economic constraints. We support scientific research independence, participate in critical thinking growth, and feel that culture plays an important role in society’s advancement.

Respect: We embrace diversity and provide equal chances to everyone, regardless of color, gender, political affiliation, language, or religion. The success of our students is our primary aim; we assist them in acquiring high-level information, skills, and competencies, as well as finding employment.

Excellence: We depend on the brilliance of our instructors and employees to provide high-quality education and facilities to our scholars, as well as to achieve outstanding research findings on a national and international scale. We encourage the formation of high-level collaborations and cross-disciplinary research initiatives.

Motivation and merit: we recognize and honor our scholars for their dedication and abilities to shape the future. We encourage our employees to continue their education in order to increase the quality of our university.

Application Deadline for Ph.D. Positions

5th August 2021.

Scholarships Departments at the University of Insubria, Italy

The scholarship is available in these departments.

  • Chemical and Environmental Science
  • Clinical and Experimental Medicine and Medical Humanities
  • Computer Science and the Mathematics of Computation
  • Experimental and Translational Medicine
  • Law and Human Sciences
  • Life Science and Biotechnology Methods
  • Models for Economic Decisions
  • Physics and Astrophysics

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70 Ph.D. Positions at the University of Insubria, Italy




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