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Asia Pacific University (APU) MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan

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Asia Pacific University (APU) MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan is open for applications. Applicants must first apply to APU to be considered for this scholarship. APU will then choose suitable individuals to submit to the scholarship organization for consideration. This grant is given to APU-recommended exceptional overseas students. This scholarship is provided by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) with the goal of increasing international competitiveness and encouraging the active interchange of international students at Japanese institutions.

Courses: BS, MS, and Ph.D

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Eligibility Of Asia Pacific University (APU) MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan

1.Aspire to study in Japan as an international student.
2.Not be a Japanese national and a citizen of a country with which Japan has diplomatic relations.
3.You must have been born on or after April 2, 1987.
4.Have a minimum GPA of 2.30 on a scale of 3.00 at their most recent university

Important Note:

  • This scholarship is not available to those who are serving in the military or working for the military at the time of application.
  • Recipients must be able to arrive in Japan during the APU-defined arrival timeframe.
  • Applicants for this scholarship must have previously earned a MEXT scholarship unless they have more than 3 years of educational research experience after the prior MEXT scholarship grant has been paid off.
  • Applicants for this award are not eligible to apply for any other MEXT scholarship.
  • During their time at APU, recipients of this award are not eligible to obtain a scholarship from another scholarship organization.

Benefits of MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan

  • tuition is paid in full (covered by the APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship)
  • Monthly living expenses: 144,000 JPY (amount subject to change)
  • At the start and conclusion of the program, economy class flight travel between the home country and APU is available.

Application Process

1.By November 17, 2021, submit the APU application (for September 2022 Enrollment). To be eligible for this award, no further papers are necessary.
2.APU examines application materials and recommends excellent applicants to MEXT.
3.Applicants who are recommended for this scholarship will get notification of their APU application results.
4.Selected applicants must complete and submit APU with other MEXT application papers.
5.MEXT makes the ultimate scholarship-granting decision.

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Asia Pacific University (APU) MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan

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