BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway 2022


VIP scholarships offer you the chance to study in one of Europe’s most prestigious countries. The BI Presidential scholarship is offered by the Norwegian Business School to international students who want to pursue postgraduate studies at one of Europe’s premier institutions.

The Norwegian Business School is ranked #4 among Scandinavian business schools, with the best staff and teachers. The international scholarship in Europe is tailored to students who are high achievers who strive for academic success in their subjects while also learning new and innovative skills. The university welcomes both foreign and Norwegian students, who will help to create the institute an excellent center for diversity and training; students’ enthusiasm for studying in Europe will offer them opportunities for excellence and mentorship.

The master’s scholarship will help students flourish in today’s world, not to mention the fact that the number of jobs available to Norwegian Business School graduates is expanding all over the world. International students will be eligible for twenty scholarships, while Norwegian students will be eligible for ten.

The scholarships are fully supported, covering two years of university tuition expenses for master’s students. International students can benefit from the BI presidential fellowship by receiving a stipend to help with living expenses in Norway.


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Eligibility of BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway 2022

The following are the eligibility requirements for the BI Presidential fellowship in Norway in 2022:

  • All international students are eligible for scholarships.
  • Applicants must have a GPA of A or higher on the ECT scale or a global grading scale comparable.
  • Applicants must be in their third year of the BI Civilekonom program to be considered.
  • Master of Science programs are open to both Norwegian and international students.
  • To keep their scholarships, students must complete 30 ECTs per semester.
  • After each semester, a minimum cumulative GPA of B is required.

How To Apply for BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway 2022

  • The BI presidential scholarship application is completed entirely online. Students can apply using an online portal.
  • Applicants must prepare a scholarship application letter detailing their motivations for the program as well as reasons why their academic achievement qualifies them for it.
  • The written application must be uploaded to the admissions webpage.
  • Applicants can apply for as many scholarships as they want, but the university will only help them with one.
  • They must not have already earned a master’s degree from the same institution.


The following are the advantages of a BI Presidential scholarship in Europe:

For Norwegian students, the scholarship will cover the entire cost of their master’s program for two years.
International students will be supplied with full tuition for each semester of the master’s program.
International students will get a stipend to cover living expenses for up to two years.
The scholarships will be given out on the basis of merit.
Students will have the opportunity to learn about European educational institutions.
The scholarship will provide access to a variety of employment choices.

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