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Currently 151 offers of MS/PhD in France

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Currently 151 offers of MS/Ph.D. in France in almost every major/field, on Campus France Website. Many of them are fully funded. Use wisely the tabs/filters on the left side and find funded Ph.D. positions in France for yourself.

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Details of Currently 151 offers of MS/PhD in France

For the excellence of its education system: high-level degrees are acknowledged internationally, an exceptional network of about a hundred higher education centers and internationally acclaimed research centers are at your fingertips.
Every year, France dedicates about 20% of its national budget to education! This share represents about 10,000 Euros per student per year.
French higher education does not differentiate between French students and international students. For the scientific, industrial, and economic know-how: France is the starting point of major technological and industrial successes: high-speed train, microchips, the Ariane rocket, Airbus, and more.
France is also the 4th global economy and owns global industrial groups: Renault, Michelin, l’OrĂ©al, Total, Orange, Carrefour, and more. And let’s not forget the SMEs.
– For the quality of life, with for instance: an efficient public transport network, a modern and affordable health scheme, a peaceful and safe everyday life.
– For the culture and way of living, thanks to cultural heritage among the most prestigious of the world and a dynamic cultural life: festivals, theatre, fashion, gastronomy. Every year, France produces about 120-150 movies. Paris has the biggest concentration of cinemas in the world.
– For the language: French is the official language of about 200 million people and is the only language (with English) spoken on the 5 continents. Speaking French provides privileged access to more than 47 countries in the world.
Currently 151 offers of MS/PhD in France
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