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International Students Health Insurance

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International Students Health Insurance . Whether you’re just starting to nail down your living arrangements or you’ve already begun packing your bags, it probably seems like there are thousands of items on your study abroad to-do list.

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One item that should not be overlooked is international student health insurance.

International student health insurance is medical coverage designed to meet the needs of students studying abroad. Not only can insurance be an important part of the student visa application process, but it can also help reduce out-of-pocket costs for unforeseen medical expenses. International Students Health Insurance


There are several reasons to consider an international student health insurance plan for your study abroad experience:

1. You may need insurance to meet visa requirements. Most countries require international students to possess a valid student visa. Some visas require proof of insurance that meets specific requirements. StudentSecure meets the insurance requirements of most visas, including the J-1 visa. As a policyholder, you’ll have access to a visa letter you can use as proof of coverage. International Students Health Insurance

2. You may need insurance to meet your study abroad program or school requirements. Your program or university may require you to have student health insurance that meets requirements. Some programs and schools provide their own insurance plans, but many allow students to purchase alternate coverage that meets requirements. International Students Health Insurance

Upon purchase of a StudentSecure policy, we can provide a completed waiver form and visa letter to you and your program or school. International Students Health Insurance

3. Your regular health insurance may not cover you outside of your home country. That’s why the U.S. Department of State of State recommends that you “ask your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas – and if it covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation.” If it doesn’t, international student health insurance can provide the international coverage you need. International Students Health Insurance

4. There’s always a chance you could encounter a travel mishap, accident, or illness while studying abroad. International student health insurance like StudentSecure can cover eligible medical expenses such as hospital room and board, intensive care unit, local ambulance, sutures, surgery, and other treatment required to get your study abroad trip back on track. International Students Health Insurance

What Does Health Insurance for


An international student health insurance plan can reduce your personal expenses if you face an unexpected injury or illness throughout the course of your international studies. International Students Health Insurance

All four StudentSecure plans include multilingual travel assistance services and access to our Student Zone, where you can download your visa letter, renew your coverage as needed, and manage your policy online. International Students Health Insurance

Some StudentSecure Highlights Include:

  • Up to $5,000,000 of Overall Maximum Coverage
  • Up to $500,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Coverage for recreational sports and activities
  • Coverage for outpatient prescription drugs and mental health treatment
  • Coverage for hospitalization, physician charges, X-rays, sutures, surgery, and more.


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