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Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

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Leave Application Format for Office, University & College. How to write a Leave Application? Whether you are studying in a School, or university, or working in an office as an employee. You should know Leave Application Format. The Leave application is a Skill that you must know about.

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It can increase your chances of getting a Leave and a good application will impress the one who has the authority to grant you a Leave. Through this Article, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on the structure, format, and components of a leave application along with some helpful samples that will make you understand how to write a Leave Application in School, University, or office. Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

The Leave application informs management or school, or university administration about your absence.The Leave Letter is a formal letter that informs about your absence from your office, or from professional work. A leave application is more formal, and professional that can be faxed, an email, or a letter. Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

Important Points before Leave Application Format

  • Greetings to the recipient (To whom you are requesting)
  • Topic line
  • Cause of leave
  • Required number of leaves
  • Specifics about your pay at work
  • Contact details
  • Signature and name

Types of Leave Application

There are many types of applications for leave. But Some of the commonly used forms are as follows:

  • Sick Leave
  • Casual Leave (For family emergencies, personal issues, etc.)
  • Annual Leave
  • Study break
  • Vacations
  • Short Trip
  • Urgent work
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Half-Day Leave
  • One-Day Leave

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Format of Leave Application

Guys, It is a common thing that you have to keep the format of the application clean and to the point. Whether you are writing the application as a school student, employee or intern, there is generally a simple format that one needs to follow.Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

What to Include in Your Leave Application

So, the leave application should consist of 3 Paragraphs. There is no need to write too long Paragraphs. The Paragraph of the leave application will be divided into:

Paragraph 1: In the starting paragraph, you Provide your necessary details to the concerned person (to whom you are addressing it) and inform them about why and when you need the leave.

Paragraph 2: This part is mainly for employees as you will be expected to provide the current status of your work projects. In this part of the application, you mainly have to elaborate on how you will be compensating for your absence, i.e. either by finishing up the work before leaving or delegating it to someone or by overtime. Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

Paragraph 3: Concluding the document, pay your gratitude to the employer for considering your application and greeting them with a sincere ‘Thank You. Also, you can mention your phone number, and email for any emergency as well.Also Check: How to Write a Research Proposal for Masters and PhD

How to Write a Leave Application for School

As there are different types of leave applications for different purposes such as leave applications for holidays, family trips, leave applications for illness, or any purpose that you need to define in your application. The elements of the Leave application are:

  • Subject
  • Reason for Taking the Leave
  • The period you are taking the leave for
  • Contact Information
  • Any additional documents should be enclosed

Once you have all these things ready, you can move towards writing a leave application with an ink pen or on a computer.Leave Application Format for Office, University & College

Leave Application for School Format

This is a sample picture of a leave application for a school that was available on the internet.Leave application format for school

How to Write a Leave Application for Office

To write an official application for leave from office, you need to simply write down your manager’s name on the top left side followed by your name and position. Things to include in your Leave application for office:

  • Salutation
  • Subject (Leave for Personal Tasks or any other reason)
  • Mention the reason for leave
  • The number of leaves you require with particular dates
  • Work plan or delegation of your tasks to other team members during your absence
  • Contact details
  • Signature

Here is a sample given below that was available online the internet.

Leave Application for Office (For Excuses)

Here is a sample letter for personal reasons such as attending a marriage, family function, holiday etc.

ToThe Manager

Company Name

Subject: One day leave application


Sir/Ma’am, I am writing this to inform you that I will be taking leave on ____ (date) as I have to _____ (mention reasons like attending a wedding, visit a friend, attending a seminar or event, etc.). I have completed all my tasks for the day and would be in touch with my team members if my assistance is required anytime.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Leave Application for Medical

Sick Leave application format:


Subject: Sick Leave Application

Sir/Madam,I am writing this application to inform you that I have had a high fever since yesterday and have been advised by my doctor to take a rest for ___ days. Please grant me a leave for ____ days. I have delegated my assigned tasks to ____ (mention team member’s name) and will be available on call if needed.

Thanks and Regards,


Tips for Leave Application

  • Use a formal tone while explaining the reason for taking a leave.
  • Write in simple language easily understandable.
  • Proofread the application before sending it.
  • Keep it to the point.
  • If you are sending this application as a parent, then specify the relationship.

Thus, we hope that this article has familiarised you with the elements of a leave application and how to write one. Struggling with your career choices? Planning to make a career change? 7

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