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Legal rights of International students

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Legal rights of International students. The concept of law and legal rights differs from place to place as a result of which the rights and protection under law that international student avail, depend upon their respective country of choice for higher education. Legal rights of International students

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It is important that international students are aware of their basic legal rights as it is easy to rob new people off their rights or take advantage of their naïve behavior in a new country. Laws of different countries are different as a result of which it is important to have a brief knowledge of the legal rights given to international students and the legal protection they have when immigrating to a new country overseas. Legal rights of International students

International students are protected through the Education Services for Overseas Students framework wherein International students can seek help from specific organizations that offer legal help to international students for any trouble or hassle ranging from tuition protection services to securing work visa information. Legal rights of International students

It is a lesser known fact that International students have the legal right to obtain and ask for every information regarding the University/College they are enrolled in as well as know about the institution’s affiliations. Moreover, there are times when International students have low or no clarity on part of the funds that they are asked to pay at their choice of educational institution as a result of which it is important to know that International students are legally entitled to receive a clear and no cost hidden account of all costs for the academic year or a reasonable and fair estimation of the full cost of their educational program. This is to be explained in the respective application material sent to them by the institution to which they are applying.

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International students are also entitled to the right to services and information that are in support of their unique needs as international students which covers; counselling on immigration regulations, cultural adjustment, orientation to the host institute and thorough information on insurance and taxes. It is also a right of the International students to have a clear and complete explanation of all the legal requirements that govern their enrollment in their respective college/university and also includes material on how they shall maintain their student status. Legal rights of International students

Moreover, International students have ownership rights over their intellectual works unless there are specific publishing institutional policies that don’t allow international students to have ownership rights of their intellectual creations developed while in a country overseas. Without any pre-requisite whatsoever no one can claim that the intellectual property developed by an international student cannot be owned by them simply because it was made in a country they are not citizens of. Legal  rights of International students

While International students are given a bundle of rights protecting their honor and integrity, they are also expected to be bound by certain legal duties based on morals. It is important that International students remain honest in their representations to institutions and the government entities overseas and also abide by the honor systems of the host institutions they have enrolled themselves in. Legal rights of International students

If fraud representations of achievements or academics are shown by the student, they will be valid grounds for an international student’s expulsion from the respective institution. Legal rights of International students

There are also laws governing the number of hours an international student can work overseas. For instance, in Canada you can work up to 20 hours a week while studying and 40 hours a week during holidays or breaks from your college/institution. Illegally working for more hours can land you into legal trouble hence it is advised that you steer clear of anything that can harm your stay in countries overseas. Legal rights of International students

Keeping legal advises and rights aside, as an International student it is very important to know a few skills that can render helpful during times when you are to face consequences all alone in an unknown country. It is advisable that you know how to contact the respective embassy of your country in order to seek help whenever required. Legal rights of International students

Moreover, it is also necessary that you know banking in a country overseas is a tad bit different from banking in your own country. You need to have a bank account in the country you are moving to and also have knowledge of their terms and conditions, your local home country debit card will serve no financial purpose overseas. Hence, it is necessary to also learn conversions given the currencies of India and other countries differ in terms of value. Legal rights of International students

While one can educate themselves on these important factors to be remembered along with availing a student visa for a country overseas, it is important to avail such services from an authorized visa consultant who will inform you of these key points by themselves thus preparing you beforehand so you encounter lesser problems owing to awareness. Legal rights of International students.


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