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MS AND Ph.D. Eiffel Scholarship program in France

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The call for applications for the 2022 campaign of the Eiffel scholarship program is open until January 7, 2022.
The call for Eiffel applications is open until January 7, 2022, for French higher education institutions.
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FIELDS OF STUDY FOR MS AND Ph.D. Eiffel Scholarship program in France

The 2022 applications session for the Excellence Eiffel scholarships program is related to 7 fields of study.
  • Science and technology
  • Biology and health
  • Ecological transition
  • Mathematics and digital
  • Engineering sciences
  • Social and human sciences
  • History, French language, and civilization
  • Law and political science
  • Economics and management
Application files are open by Higher education institutions in accordance with the excellence of foreign students whom they want to welcome in their training.
The Eiffel scholarship program
The Eiffel scholarship program is developed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to allow French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students in diploma courses at Masters’ and Doctorate/PhD level.
This allows to train the next foreign decision-makers, in private and public sectors, in critical studies fields, and boost applications by students from emerging countries at Masters’ level and emerging and industrialized countries at PhD/Doctorate level.

The procedure of MS AND Ph.D. Eiffel Scholarship program in France

1) You apply for admissions in French universities, who are taking students under Eiffel (Choosing one university for final selection)
Must try to apply in the first session of admissions, which means you have to keep on checking french universities websites for first session of applications
2) French University that selects you, will nominate you as its Eiffel Scholarship candidate to French authorities (Campus France),French Authorities will give final decision of your selection
How to find universities under Eiffel? They can be found out by any of the three ways below
3) a) Find the universities and courses in universities that are under Eiffel using google. write in google “Eiffel 2018 2019” or search in the database of French universities and email them and ask if they select the students under Eiffel
b) You can also use these two links, but again to confirm about these courses, you have to ask universities if they accept you under Eiffel for that course
Master: (Write in the search bar your desired major, just a few words, it will give you results)
Also this link
Also, find any universities in France through google and ask them if they nominate the students under Eiffel
4) Contact the French universities yourself and tell them that you want to be an Eiffel Candidate or apply via Eiffel and then apply there as soon as universities reply
Consult Call of applications for the 2022 campaign
Campus France is in charge of managing the program.
MS AND Ph.D. Eiffel Scholarship program in France
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