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Ph.D. Research Courses at University of Salento

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Ph.D. Research Courses at the University of Salento are going to be offered.

The University of Salento has issued a public call for applications for the competitive selection procedure for admission to the 37th Cycle Ph.D. Research Course with administrative seat. This is a youthful, vibrant university that is eager to grow and establish itself on a national and worldwide scale. The Università del Salento has been fostering knowledge, talent, and merit since 1955, and has provided a wide range of educational possibilities. The institution offers academic routes to a variety of professions, as well as post-graduate and specialty courses tailored to satisfy the demands of the workplace, in fields ranging from law to science, economics to engineering, humanities to media studies. In the Salento area, there are eight departments that provide services and information to students, as well as thirty-three research centers. In recent years, the Università del Salento has expanded quickly, strengthening and maintaining its position as a pillar of the local cultural and social system. It also includes a Ph.D. program as well as post-graduate programs in Cultural Heritage and Legal Professions. To encourage excellence, the famous ISUFI Grandes écoles institution provides high-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses for scholarship students.

Ph.D. Research Courses at the University of Salento are going to be offered.

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Offered Ph.D. Programs Ph.D. Research Courses

  • Law and Sustainability
  • Philosophy: Forms and History of Philosophical Knowledge
  • Physics and Nanosciences
  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Material, Structure, and Nanotechnology engineering
  • Engineering of complex systems
  • Languages, Literature and Cultures and their applications
  • Mathematics and IT
  • Nanotechnology
  • Sciences for Cultural Heritage
  • Biological and environmental sciences and technologies
  • Digital Transformation and Sustainability. Firms and public
    Administrations in the global Economy

How To Apply


For Detailed information Please Download Informations_about_Call_phd_37cycle .

Ph.D. Research Courses at Uni of Salento


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