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PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology, University Rostock



On this page, you will get information about PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology, University Rostock.  In University Rostock, the group’s research focuses on the physiological features and molecular processes that enable plants to adapt to a constantly changing environment (e.g., high light or low temperature). On the one hand, we want to know how plants detect environmental changes and how these stimuli are converted into signals that affect the expression of genes in the nucleus to adapt to the new environment (intracellular signaling). On the other hand, we want to know how enzymes, particularly those implicated in flavonoid production, are controlled at the post-translational level utilizing physiological, genetic, and biochemical studies.


Requirements for PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology, University Rostock:

The successful applicant will analyze the acclimation response and undertake physiological and molecular characterization of Arabidopsis wild-type and mutant plants as part of the proposed PhD study. A forward genetic search for the discovery of novel signalling cascade components and regulatory variables required for the acclimatization response is also planned.

The ideal candidate for the scholarship will have completed (or will soon complete) Master’s studies with an outstanding thesis in plant molecular biology/physiology. The Master’s degree should have been completed no more than a year ago. It is necessary to know procedures for extracting and quantifying biomolecules like DNA, RNA, and protein, preferably from the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Furthermore, prior expertise measuring photosynthetic parameters or working with big datasets (e.g., transcriptome, proteome, metabolome) would be advantageous.



The scholarship will be awarded for a period of two years, with the possibility of an extension following a satisfactory review. The scholarship will be worth 1.600€ per month.

September 2021 is the anticipated commencement date.


How To Apply:

Your application should have in single PDF file
• CV
• performance overview (Leistungsübersicht)
• A motivation letter (not more than two pages)
• At least one letter of recommendation
• Relevant certificates

Please send your application to [email protected].

The application session is open until 30.06.2021


For further queries, please contact:
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter
University Rostock, Institute for Biosciences
Physiology of Plant Metabolism
[email protected]
phone +49 (0) 381/498-6113


PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology, University Rostock



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