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The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

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The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students. Students that develop a solid network while in high school, college and grad school have an advantage. Connecting with like-minded peers and student mentors creates a support system that can help you reach your fullest potential.Many students find themselves wondering how to network as a student. Goodwall is an app that makes it easy to connect with like-minded peers. The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

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What is Goodwall?

The Goodwall app is a social platform designed to help students grow personally and professionally. The virtual community connects two million app users to global networks and professional opportunities. Students use Goodwall to build relationships and to create a personal brand that leads to future success.  The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

How Students Can Use the App

The Goodwall app has many functions you can use to get ahead.

Users create a profile linking them to others with similar interests, values, and goals. Using their profile, an algorithm adjusts a student’s feed to feature content that is relevant to them.

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Gen Z students can exchange information, pitch ideas, and join groups. To share information with fellow users, students use the chat feature to find causes, volunteer programs, and discuss opportunities. The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

A Goodwall profile serves as the new digital portfolio or a personal website for young professionals. Not only can students use the tool for business networking, but they can also use it to highlight achievements. Goodwall is connected to employers looking for entry-level talent, giving users access to internship programs and job opportunities. The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

Students can use these tools to grow professionally. The platform also offers programs and learning courses focused on skill development.


Current Goodwall Scholarship Opportunities

While Goodwall offers a monthly #ScholarshipNow Challenge (see below), they also offer a variety of other scholarship opportunities throughout the year. You can apply for these now:

Goodwall #VolunteerAbroad Challenge

Deadline: 6/12/23
Available to: High School and College Students
Award Amount: $2,000

Ready for a challenge that can change lives? Join #VolunteerAbroad and make an impact while winning a $2,000 scholarship. Create a video telling us more about the cause that’s closest to your heart. Where do you volunteer? What kind of work do you do daily? Why is this cause Important to you?


Join Goodwall’s #ScholarshipNow Challenge

Students interested in the Goodwall app should consider joining the #ScholarshipNow Challenge. This online program is a great way to get started. You will have the chance to join challenges, win awards, and develop skills all while familiarizing yourself with the platform. The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students

This experience is a win-win opportunity. Not only will you get access to free resources to better yourself, but you will also have the chance to earn a college scholarship. Better yet, this scholarship is a recurring monthly scholarship. So, you will have more chances to win the #ScholarshipNow Challenge!

Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge

Deadline: 5/31/23
Available to: All students, minimum age 16
Award Amount: $2,500

How the #ScholarshipNow Challenge Works

To participate, download the Goodwall app and create your profile. Find a challenge on the app you’re passionate about. Share your challenge response in a three-minute video, a photo, or a text, and post it to your Goodwall profile using the #ScholarshipNow tag.

Be sure to share how winning the scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals! One #ScholarshipNow Challenge winner will be selected based upon submission quality, insightfulness, and creativity. The Goodwall App is a Gamechanger for Students


You can find more details about the scholarship on the Goodwall FAQ page.

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