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TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

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TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023. TheMuseumsLab is a pioneering knowledge-exchange programme for joint learning and continuing education concerning the future of museums in Africa and Europe. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

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TheMuseumsLab is a platform for joint learning, exchange and continuing education on the future of museums in both Africa and Europe. The programme has the aim to provide knowledge and competencies, to foster new ideas and approaches as well as to establish close and lasting networks between future shapers of museum concepts on both sides.

As a platform for shared expertise and perspectives, TheMuseumsLab aims to build strong and lasting networks to not only change museums but also to foster social change by addressing urgent issues such as social justice and climate change. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

Who can apply?

African and European Museum professionals who have at least two years experience of working in the museum, heritage, or art sector. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

What can be funded?

Participation in the complete programme of 2023

Duration of the funding

Programme activities will take place from May 2023 to November 2023.

May 2023: Programme kick-off and seminar module 1 (1 day, 1 week, online)
June/July 2023: Seminar module 2 and residencies (3 weeks, onsite Berlin/Europe/Africa)
September 2023: Seminar module 3 and project work (2 weeks, onsite Addis Abeba)
November 2023: Follow-Up (1 day, online)


For the onsite phases the following programme-related costs will be covered by the DAAD:

  • International and national transport
  • Local public transport (also from and to airports onsite)
  • Visa costs
  • Health insurance (via DAAD group contract/reimbursement up to a certain amount)
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees (DAAD-organized programme slots)
  • Daily allowance

The programme related travels and accommodations will also be organized and booked by the DAAD.

Selection of TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

A committee of internal and external experts will review applications.
The selection criteria are:

Professional competencies and experiences

  • At least two years experience of working in the museum, heritage or art sector
  • Focus on programme relevant topics. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

Professional qualification

  • HEI degree in a museum, heritage, art related field

Potential of the applicant

  • Motivation: professional and personal reasons for the participation in the programme
  • Prospects: Significance of the participation in the programme for further professional and personal development. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

Personal skills

  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Innovativeness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Ability to question established structures
  • Desire to hold a leading position and to act as a multiplier

Language skills

  • Sufficient English skills (Level C1)

Commitment to the programme

  • A prerequisite for the selection of a candidate is her/his/their binding commitment to participate in all phases of The MuseumsLab. The quality of the programme depends on fellows’ participation in all events and continuous work on topics across three modules and intense exchange, both among themselves and with the speakers and lecturers. Employer must provide of letter of consent and approved leave for training purpose. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023


Further information of TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

The programme was developed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN), the Master‘s Programme in Museum Management and Communication at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) and the African consultancy group The Advisors. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

It consists of a seminar (three modules), residencies at European and African partner museums] and a project phase. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023

It will start with an online phase (kick-off and module 1) in May 2023, continue with the first presence phase (module 2 in Berlin, residencies at European and African partner museums) in June 2023 and close with the second presence phase (module 3, project work in Addis Abeba) in September 2023. TheMuseumsLab DAAD Scholarship 2023
You can find an overview of partner institutions that hosted fellows in the framework of TheMusemsLab 2021 & 2022 here.

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