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Top-10 Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers

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Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers. The days of going to the library are gone, studying numerous books, taking notes on paper, and doing research. Thanks to technology, we no longer have to do this tedious routine to do research. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers

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However, research is still a meticulous, painstaking process. This is why we decided to uncover some of the best software tools for researchers that are going to help you conduct and maintain your research with ease. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers

Research today is dynamic. We often use the internet to browse websites, watch videos, study analytics, and conduct our research by exploring different types of digital content, making technology a major stakeholder in making our research success. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers

While the internet has made it easy for us to access worldly information with the click of a button (or mouse!), it has created a whole new set of problems. Sorting through a seemingly infinite number of websites, verifying content, and curating only the best stuff can take a lot of time and effort.

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This is why we have brought you 13 essential research tools every researcher should use while working on the internet.

List of Top 16 Tools for Researchers in 2022


Mendeley is a free reference manager and social network that helps you organize your research on the dissertation. You can collaborate with other PhDs online and discover new points of view. Drag-and-drop your papers into Mendeley desktop app and it will automatically extract all the relevant information: title, journal, authors, keywords and much more. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers
You can organize them in a way that suits your workflow:
  • and track them down when you need them securely sync your papers between multiple computers and mobile devices so you can read, write and annotate on-the-go
  • install plug-ins for Microsoft Word and generate citations and bibliographies with a few clicks of your mouse
  • create private groups to securely share papers and notes with colleagues or join public groups to follow topics of interest and connect your researchers around the world


Zotero is another free source for citation management software that allows you to keep organized and generate citations and bibliographies. Zotero is free, has a short learning curve and integrates into popular web browsers. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers
It is a great choice for users who are looking for a simple option that fits easily into their online research.
Zotero works by having a browser extension known as the connector communicate with the desktop software, where your references will be collected and stored. Both of these must be downloaded separately and can be found at:


When you have a Google Account, it gives you access to the following apps: Google Docs is where you can write your entire dissertation by creating a file in Google Drive. It’s where you can store your papers, exams, tables, charts from Google Sheet, presentations from Google Slides, and more.
And you can easily access them anytime if you download their apps to your smartphone from Google Play or Apple Store. 
In Google Calendar, you can organize your daily and monthly tasks, as well as set up reminders to remind you to work on your dissertation. You can set deadlines for each step of the program and follow them.
Another hack that you can use is Google Keep, which allows you to take notes and record your ideas quickly and easily wherever you are. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


This is the other complex variant you can choose when writing your dissertation. Microsoft Office 365 deploys the well-known Microsoft Word, in which you can integrate both Mendeley and Zotero and the citation will be always mistake-free. 
Microsoft Excel will come to the rescue when creating tables, looking at various statistics from empirical studies, and Microsoft PowerPoint can be used during the pre-defence and defence of the dissertation, creating a great presentation.  Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers
Another option that can help you track your progress is Microsoft Teams, where you can reset due dates, keep notes, set small, medium and larger goals to achieve successful graduation. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers.
Top-10 Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


Grammarly is a plugin that improves your writing by correcting mistakes. It catches ten times as many errors as Microsoft Word and helps with word choice, punctuation and sentence structure. It’s super easy to use and saves a ton of time. It has a user-friendly integration with Google Docs and can be used as a web extension as well as a desktop or mobile app.


The next writing helper from the Grammarly family is Plagiarism Checker, which helps avoid plagiarism. It is important to keep track of how and from what sources you cite, and whether you cite them correctly according to the citations whether Harvard Referencing Style or Chicago Style, etc. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


Notion is a web and mobile app that provides almost everything a PhD student needs. Through this, you can keep track of the entire process during your studies, keep notes, organise your assignments and as well as write your dissertation. You can collect the various sources like articles, journals, surveys and research and edit or highlight by taking notes for your dissertation. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


After so much writing, planning, and managing, we want to share with you the Pomodoro Technique, which will not overheat you, and you will be able to progress every day. It consists of working focused for 25 min and resting for 5 min, or another option is 50 min of work and 10 min of rest. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers
Through this extension, you can set a timer of your choice while listening to relaxing music. This helps you to stay focused and complete your PhD program on time and stay satisfied with yourself. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


To be even more productive, we recommend the following three extensions:
  1. Limit – Set limits for distracting sites
  2. Insight – Track and оptimize your time online
  3. Pause – Stop mindless browsing
They will help you stay focused on your research and not drown in the big sea of information. Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


This is the last very useful instrument, which is also in the form of an extension. It turns any German and English written article into a podcast. With it, you can listen to any text content from news, short or long articles, blog posts, etc.
Try it out right now by listening to our article. We hope it has been useful, and we have given you some good advice. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your PhD friends and colleagues!
Tools for Masters PhD PostDoc Researchers


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