Top10 Best Area of Study For The Future

It is commonly stated that the finest college major should match a person’s interests. However, a person’s passion for a particular topic of study may not be enough to keep them going in the future. There are several college majors that provide a more secure future employment guarantee for pupils. These top ten college degrees for the future offer excellent employment opportunities for today’s students.

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1. Pharmacology

People with pharmacology degrees are among the current high earners. A bachelor’s degree is required at the very least, and compensation ranges increase as additional degrees are obtained. Many colleges and institutions offer a bachelor’s degree that focuses on drugs and their interactions.

Employment Opportunities:

Pharmacists are often in demand in pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals. Depending on their level of education and experience, they earn a median salary of $105,000. Their unemployment rate is at a low of 3%, with employment expected to expand by 25% by 2020.

2. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

When it comes to academics, aeronautics and aviation technology are other subjects that many students struggle with. Graduates in this sector, on the other hand, earn a good wage. People who work in this field have a lot of prospects for advancement.

Aeronautics and aviation technology degrees are available at several universities across the country. Some degree programs train students to become pilots, while others place a greater emphasis on engineering. Different degree programs deal with aerodynamics and mechanics.

Job Opportunities:

Employees of airlines and aviation manufacturers earn a median salary of $60,000 or more. Their unemployment rate is under 4%, with a growth rate of 5% predicted by 2020.

3. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy degrees are tough to come by. Physical therapists, on the other hand, will be pleased with the end result. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in physical therapy are available. The bachelor’s degree, which can be earned in four years, is the most fundamental. This degree program focuses on biology, anatomy, and other health-related subjects.

Opportunities for Employment:

Hospitals and rehabilitation institutes have a lot of openings for physical therapists. They have a low unemployment rate of 2 to 5% on average. Their median salary is around $60,000, and employment is expected to grow by 33% by 2020.

4. Nursing

In recent years, the employment rate of nurses has remained stable. However, the rapidly increasing population of infants and the elderly necessitates the hiring of more nurses. A licensed nurse must have an associate or bachelor’s degree in order to work in this field. The associate degree takes two to three years to complete, while the bachelor’s degree takes four years.

Employment Opportunities:

Nurses have a low unemployment rate of 4 percent and earn a median salary of $60,000. They’re in high demand at hospitals and other medical facilities. The predicted growth for their employment rate is 26 percent by 2020.

5. Construction Management

Another college degree with increasing job demand is construction management. This is a degree that can be obtained from a variety of schools and institutions across the country. A bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in construction management is available. The bachelor’s degree program normally takes three to four years to finish.

Opportunities for Employment:

Construction managers are in charge of overseeing the construction process. Their unemployment rate is around 5%, and their average yearly pay is around $50,000. By 2020, employment is expected to expand by 17%.

6. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a difficult college major, but it has a lot of possibilities for pay and job options. This is a bachelor’s degree that takes four years to accomplish. At universities, master’s and doctoral degrees are also available.

Opportunities for employment:

Electrical engineers work for a variety of significant organizations across the country. They’re in high demand in power plants, large manufacturing factories, and other big businesses. With a median wage of roughly $60,000, their unemployment rate is between 5 and 7%. Electrical engineers are predicted to see a 6% increase in employment by 2020.

7. Medical Technology

The employment of medical technologists is on the rise. This is another healthcare profession with a bright future for present students. Many universities and institutions offer a bachelor’s degree program in medical technology. Biology, chemistry, and clinical laboratories are all part of the research.

Possibility of Employment:

Hospitals and laboratories are popular places for graduates to work. Their present unemployment rate is at a low of 2 to 4 percent. Medical technologists earn around $50,000 on average, with a 13% increase projected by 2020.

8. Medical Assistance

Each year, more hospitals and other healthcare institutions hire medical assistants. With degree programs that can lead to higher positions, the work offers long-term stability and progress. This major is available at a number of colleges and institutions across the country. The major is normally finished in two years and leads to an associate degree. It gives you the opportunity to work in the healthcare area.

Opportunities for Employment

The majority of a doctor’s orders are carried out by medical assistants. They are frequently found at hospitals, where they perform jobs that involve clinical and administrative knowledge. Their current unemployment rate is between 3 and 5% across the country. A medical assistant’s yearly salary is normally around $50,000, and employment growth is expected to be 13% by 2020.


9. Chemical Engineering

The field of engineering is currently in the spotlight. Chemical engineering is one college major that offers pupils a promising future. A number of schools and universities offer this as a bachelor’s degree. The degree program largely deals with biology, chemistry, and physics.

Opportunities for Employment

Chemical engineers are employed by significant corporations such as pharmaceutical businesses and research facilities. Their unemployment rate ranges from 4% to 7%. With a median salary of $75,000, they earn high five-figure wages. By 2020, they expect a 6% increase in employment.

10. Computer Information Systems

Computer science majors are becoming more popular and have more job opportunities. However, not all computer science majors receive the same acclaim. Management information systems graduates get access to some of the most in-demand jobs. Bachelor’s degrees in computer information systems are available from universities and colleges. Academic courses normally take three years to finish but can take up to four years if internships are included.

Opportunities for Employment:

Graduates of this program typically work in IT for large organizations. The unemployment rate is currently between 5% and 7%. Their average yearly income is around $60,000, and employment is predicted to expand by 18 percent by 2020.


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