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UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and UKM Zakat Scholarship

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We are delighted to tell you that the UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and UKM Zakat Scholarship applications will be open soon. Freshmen attending Semester 1 Session 2021/2022 are eligible for these awards.
The UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship is available to exceptional national and international students who will study full-time at UKM for a Doctor of Philosophy (research mode).
The UKM Zakat Scholarship is available to aspiring Muslim students who are devout Muslims and want to study full-time at UKM at the Masters and Doctor of Philosophy levels (research mode or mixed mode).

Applying Tenure: July 1 to July 14, 2021

Offered Programs

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  • Engineering
  • Social Science
  • Law
  • Dentistry
  • Humanities
  • Biomedical
  • Health Science
  • Medicine
  • Information Science & Technology
  • Science & Technology
  • Islamic Studies
  • Economics & Management
  • Education
  • Environment & Development
  • Malay World & Civilization
  • International Studies
  • Microengineering & Nanoelectronics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Fuel Cell institute
  • System Biology
  • Visual Informatics
  • Business

Required Documents Of UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

  • Passport photos
  • Copy of ID card or Passport;
  • Copy of verified Bachelor or Master Academic transcript ;
  • The abstract of articles which are published ;
  • Copy of offer letter for admission to UKM;
  • Research proposals
  • Briefly Describe “Why UKM select you for this scholarship”
  • CV

Apply Online at

Benefits Of UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

  • Tuition fee Coverage
  •  RM3200.00/Month for Ph.D. & RM2200.00/Month for Master scholars.
  • Monthly accommodation allowance of RM300.00
  • Round trip air tickets
  • Visa Cost coverage for overseas students.

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UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and UKM Zakat Scholarship

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