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University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

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University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy. Call for applications for pre-admissions and for the awarding of 20 student support and benefits for non-EU students holding a foreign degree, residing in a non-EU country, and applying for an International Master’s degree for a.y. 2023/2024

Art. 1 – Pre-admissions

The University of Verona hereby announces a public selection for pre-admissions to International Master’s degree programmes for non-EU students holding a foreign academic degree and residing in a non-EU country. Successful candidates will be provided with a “pre-admission letter” which will be necessary to start the enrolment procedures.

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Admissions requirements of University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

  1. Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to take part in the selection process:
    a) a Bachelor’s degree (minimum), or foreign equivalent qualification;
    b) knowledge of the English language and/or other foreign language at the level required for each
    degree programme, as set out in Annex 1;
    c) additional specific requirements may apply depending on each degree programme, as specified
    in Annex 1.
  2. A foreign academic degree is considered suitable if its curriculum includes the knowledge and
    skills relevant to the subject areas included in the table of admissions requirements and evaluation
    criteria (Annex 1). The degree is considered suitable if it can be seen, by analysing the course of
    studies, that the programme provides the curricular education and necessary skills to admit the
    candidate to the specific Master’s degree programme.
    Students who are near to the completion of their degree programme may also apply, as long as they
    graduate by the date indicated for the specific programme in Annex 1.
  3. Please note that admission requirements may vary depending on each Degree programme.
    Candidates are therefore recommended to carefully read Annex 1.

Art. 3 – Applications

  1. Applications in response to this Call must be made by completing the online application form attaching the following documents:
    a) a scanned copy of your passport (please only send the pages relating to your personal information); University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy
    b) copy of your three-year university degree certificate1 , or a certificate of enrolment which states the expected completion date;
    c) academic transcript (in English) for the completed degree and for any postgraduate studies completed. This should include a list of all the modules/exams taken (transcript of records o diploma supplement) and, if possible, details of the ECTS credits gained, the weighted average, and reference range for minimum and maximum marks; University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy
    d) CV with study and work experience included, written in English (max. 2 pages);
    e) cover letter (where requested);
    f) certificate of English language competence, or other language certificates. Please note: language certificates must have been obtained by the candidate at the time of applying; University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy
    g) other specific qualifications or documents relevant to the application (optional).

Art. 4 – Pre-admissions – selection procedure

Each Master’s degree programme’s Coordinator will check the applications received and consider only those which meet all the requirements specified in Article 2. Candidates will be informed via email about the results of the selection procedure for pre-admissions by the dates – specific for each programme – set out in Annex 1. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

Art. 5 – Pre-admissions – deadlines

  1. Candidates must submit their application as described in Art. 3 by 17 April 2023 at 3.00 pm (Italian time, GMT+1). Applications that are incomplete, missing the requested attachments or submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  2. Any technical problems related to filling out the application online should be immediately notified by sending an email to Applications missing the requested attachments, submitted after the deadline or by any method other than that specified in this Article will not be accepted. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

Art. 6 – Student support and benefits

  1. The University of Verona shall award no. 20 student support and benefits for top candidates,
    as set out below:
    Artificial Intelligence: 2
    Computer Engineering for Robotics and Smart Industry: 2
    Data Science: 2
    Economics and Data Analysis: 2
    International Economics and Business: 2
    Languages, Literatures and Digital Culture: 2
    Linguistics: 2
    Mathematics: 2
    Medical Bioinformatics: 2
    Molecular and Medical Biotechnology: 2
    TOTAL 20
  2. Student support and benefits, that have a duration of 12 months and cannot be combined with
    other scholarships for university study awarded by the University, include accommodation at ESU
    student residences, exemption from tuition fees and one free meal per day at the University canteen managed by ESU.

(Only students in the Master’s degree in International Economics and Business may apply for one of the 2 available two-year scholarships of €8,000, which may only be combined with tuition fee exemption. Students are exempted from tuition fees but still required to pay the regional tax and stamp duty. As a rough indication, for the 2022-2023 academic year the related amount was 192,00 Euro per academic year.) University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

  1. Successful candidates will be able to benefit from the International Welcome Desk (IWD) service offered by the University of Verona when needing help when dealing with permits of stay, bank accounts, tax ID no. and health insurance. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy
  2. Please note: before coming to Italy, successful candidates from non-EU countries must ensure they have sufficient funds to support themselves for a minimum of €500 per month (€6,000 per year), which is mandatory for those applying for a visa.
    Students who had been assigned a scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023 (ref: Call for application/Rector’s Decrees no. 1762/2021 of 26 February 2021 and no. 4809/2021 of 28 May 2021) and finally renounced, will not be able to apply for the academic year 2023-2024. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

Art. 7 – Application for student support and benefits – selection procedure

  1. After the deadline of 17 April 2023, the Selection Committee of the Master’s degree programme (see Annex 1) will evaluate the applications received, taking into account only those that passed the selection procedure for pre-admissions.
  2. Candidates who obtain at least 60/100 as a final score will be considered eligible. Where two or more candidates have an equal score, priority will be given to the younger candidate. The student support and benefits will be awarded on the basis of the ranking list of eligible candidates in descending order of score, until all the funds available for each Degree programme are allocated. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

Art. 8 – Ranking list

  1. The ranking list will be published in the University’s Official Registry at and the relevant section on the University’s website by 31 May 2023, taking effect immediately.

Art. 9 – Confirming acceptance of the student support and benefits

Candidates who are awarded student support and benefits must confirm their acceptance within 7 days of the publication of the ranking list, following the instructions that will be provided, or the offer will be revoked.

Student support and benefits will also be withdrawn from those candidates who:

  • fail to confirm their acceptance within the specified timeframe;
  • fail to complete the enrolment procedure by 16 October 2023.

Student support and benefits which become available due to candidate withdrawals will be reawarded to the next eligible candidates in the ranking list, until 31 October 2023.

Art. 10 – How to enrol

All eligible candidates (i.e. those who have passed the pre-admissions selection procedure and have been awarded the student support and benefits) will need to apply for a study visa at the local Italian Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible. Moreover, they will need to pre-enrol via the Universitaly website in order to complete their enrolment. For further information, please go to:
Candidates will also need to submit the official translation and legalisation of the diploma and the declaration of value issued by the relevant Italian Embassy or Consulate. Please note that, in order to obtain a visa to enter Italy, pre-admission is compulsory. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

Art. 11 – Processing of personal data

Personal data provided by those who apply for student support and benefits under this Call are processed in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulation”) and the applicable personal data protection regulations.
The processing of such data is carried out by the University of Verona as Data Controller pursuant to Articles 24 et seq. of the Regulation, for the purposes set out in the present Call, in the performance of its institutional functions. University of Verona Awards 2023-24, Italy

An information notice for students on the purposes of the processing, data recipients and the rights of Data Subjects is available on the University’s website, at the following link:

Art. 12 – Final provisions

Information about Master’s degree programmes, procedures to follow based on the candidate’s
citizenship, application deadlines and procedures, and publication of the ranking list, can be
requested to the International Office (
This Call for applications is published in the University’s Official Registry. Pursuant to and for the
purposes of Law no. 241/1990 and subsequent amendments, the Procedure Officer is the Head of
the International Office, Direzione Offerta Formativa, Servizi e Segreterie Studenti, Chiostro S.
Francesco, Via S. Francesco, 22 – 37129 Verona.

Source / More information: Official Website HERE.

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