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What Is Grammarly?

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Grammarly is a “writing assistant” that proofreads and edits documents for job seekers, writers, and other professionals. It detects over 250 different types of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation problems, as well as improves vocabulary usage.

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Grammarly goes above and beyond typical Word and email editing tools by allowing users to select editing input based on six different writing styles: business, academic, casual, technical, creative, and general.

What Is Grammarly?

Since 2009, Grammarly has been available. 1 It’s a complex artificial intelligence (AI) system that has been tuned and enhanced over time by linguists and engineers who developed algorithms to discover effective writing patterns.

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Grammarly claims that its AI system goes over each sentence and looks for appropriate replacements for any faults it finds. It’s a web-based application. There is a web version as well as a version that connects with MS Word.


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How Grammarly Works

Grammarly assigns an overall score to your paper depending on the number of faults and errors discovered. The program then takes you through a variety of possible grammar issues one by one. For each issue that is found, the system provides both a short and long explanation.

These explanations provide examples of proper grammar. In some circumstances, the system will propose specific language choices. However, any specific adjustments must be made by the user—Grammarly will not force you to do so. If you don’t agree with the suggested adjustments, you can choose to ignore potential issues.

Misspellings are highlighted, along with a list of possible alternatives. A plagiarism checker can assist writers in identifying any information that has been borrowed inadvertently. The algorithm suggests citations that might be used to legitimate the content in question by pointing out similar text that exists elsewhere.

A synonym checker is included, allowing users to minimize repetition by selecting alternative terminology. Grammarly also gives you explanations for proposed modifications, as well as details on the type of error you committed.

In the web version of Grammarly, users can paste a document into an editing box, select the document’s style, then click “Start Review” to begin the process.

Versions of Grammarly

The Grammarly Microsoft Office Plug-in integrates Grammarly’s spelling and grammar checker into Microsoft Word and Outlook. After you download and install Grammarly, you’ll see the Grammarly Wizard when you click “Review” in Word. Select the writing style you want Grammarly to use by clicking “Check.”

Pros and Cons of Grammarly

Even the harshest critics will struggle to identify any issues in Grammarly’s product. It delivers excellent customer service, but you get what you paid for in the end.


  • It is quite accurate.
  • It works with Macs, Windows PCs, and iPhones, and iPads.


  • The free edition does not have access to all of Grammarly’s capabilities.

How Much Do I Need to Pay for Grammarly?

Grammarly is free to trial by simply copying and pasting text into a box on the website, and it is also free to add to Chrome. 2 There’s also a seven-day free trial if you want to try out all of the Grammarly features that come with the full version before deciding whether or not to buy it.

Grammarly is a subscription-based service that offers monthly and annual options. The pricing of the premium full version of the Grammarly app in 2020 will be determined by the length of your subscription.

  • $29.95 per month for a monthly subscription plan
  • $59.95 per quarter for a quarterly subscription plan
  • Annual Subscription: $139.95

Final Thoughts about What Is Grammarly?

  • Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that has been around since 2009.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes, including business writing, academic writing, and creative writing.
  • Grammarly can identify everything from long phrases to misspelled words.
  • You can use Grammarly for free, but only the paid version gives you access to all of its features.
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